Love Her Films with Scarlit Scandal and Jake Adams

I was trying to come out of a relationship with an abusive boyfriend but for some reason I wasn’t quite ready to leave him. On a Friday evening when my BF went out to do his own thing, I decided to hang out with my long time friend Jake. He took me out to dinner; something my BF never does. I was able to wear my sexy little black dress and sparkly high heels which looked so hot with my red pedicured toes. We had great conversation. Towards the end of the dinner, and after we had a few drinks, I started picturing having slutty hot sex with him. He was just so different from my asshole boyfriend. Much more attentive and smooth. I was getting more and more convinced that I wanted to sleep with him. But I wasn’t sure about my current relationship and if it would considered cheating or not…but before I could figure that out we were at his house about to make out! He reached into his drawer and handed me kinky black lingerie and told me to put it on. My fat pussy was already soaking wet. He watched me undress and stepped behind me to put a blindfold over my eyes. He put me on his bed and laid me on my back. Then he started kissing my body; from my neck down to my boobs, my sexy stomach, then continuing down to my thighs and all on the way down to my sexy feet. It felt amazing as he sucked on my toes and licked my high arch and my soft soles. Then I felt something on my toes. I realized it was the head of his huge cock! He started to fuck my slutty feet and I felt his cock getting even harder as he was sliding it in and out of my soft soles. He slowly spread my legs and put a restricting rod between them so I couldn’t close them. He started to eat my juicy pussy which was amazing. Then he slid his big fat cock into my soaking wet pussy and fucked me while licking my soft sexy soles. He even bent me over and fucked me from behind just so he could have a good view of my wrinkled soles. After, he made me ride his cock in cowgirl position with my sexy arched feet up on his thighs. At the end he came all over my sexy feet which was so hot. Cum on feet looks so sexy with red nail polish. I think I’m ready to leave my asshole boyfriend now.

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